Wedding Bouquet Replicas

This is a selection of wedding bouquet replicas I have created  in the past.   The images shown are of the original photo I receive (left) and my paper flower version (right).

However, paper flowers are not only for a 1st Anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with a paper gift, they are also perfect for any special occasion, particulary an anniversary milestone such as Silver, Pearl, Ruby or gold!

Every bridal bouquet is a stunning work of art created for your wedding day and it's the one thing you don't get to keep for long.  Even a piece of the wedding cake can last longer than the flowers!

That's where I come a brides bouquet is my favourite part of the job.  Knowing the joy it will bring and the wonderful memories that will be re-lived are my motivation when creating your beautiful replica or memoir gift.

I offer a bespoke service, tailoring everything to your requirements.  Each bouquet is beautifully unique, different flowers and styles will vary in time and cost.  Replica wedding bouquets can take up to 2 weeks to create, depending on the complexity.

Price Guide

Full Replica Bouquets - from £180

Memoir Bouquet - from £90

Bespoke Bouquet - from £75